To help you buy the perfect property that fits your needs, vision and budget, ALLIANCE lockhart's timeline shows you that buying your new home can happen faster than you can ever imagine.

Arrange a pre-approval from a qualified MORTGAGE PROFESSIONAL to determine your purchasing power.

Work with ALLIANCE lockhart to determine your needs, demands, aspirations and desires in a  potential property. 

View these selected properties with a tour carerfully prepared by ALLIANCE lockhart

Find your dream home.

Determine price, deposit amount, important dates for adjustments, completion and possession and then finally subject clauses [if applicable]. 

Have ALLIANCE lockhart prepare your offer with a Contract of Purchase and Sale.

ALLIANCE lockhart will present and negotiate your offer until we have reached an accepted Subject or a Non-Subject contract.

Conduct due diligence:
                Inspection [if applicable]
                Survey [if applicable]
                Title search
                Property Disclosure Statement
                Home and Fire Insurance to ensure Financing [if applicable]
                Review Strata documents [for attached housing]
                                          Form B [if applicable]
                                          Strata Minutes [if applicable]
                                          Financial Statement[if applicable]
                                          Engineers’ Report[if applicable]
                                          Registered Strata[if applicable]

Remove subject clauses [if applicable] and submit deposit to:   Macdonald Realty In Trust.

Select a lawyer or notary to complete all of the closing documents.  Arrange for all of your utilities and insurance for your new home.

Completion date - money and title are exchanged.

Possession date - move into your new home.