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Return to Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey
Return to Downton Abbey.  at ALLIANCE lockhart, we are excited to share the news that tonight - Sunday, January 5, 2014 is the Downton Abbey Season 4 premiere.
Lords and Ladies.  Your day has arrived as the Season 4, Episode 1 of Downton Abbey premieres tonight.
When last viewers saw Downton Abbey Matthew was suddenly killed in a shocking car accident. PBS brought fans up to speed with the special, Return to Downton Abbey, featuring interviews with the cast and crew about the upcoming fourth season. The special also revealed how the series plans to deal with Matthew's sudden death.

Creator Julian Fellowes explained, "We actually start Season 4 six months after Matthew’s death, and we’ve got to the point, not obviously where Mary has recovered or got over it in that way, but when it’s time for her to start getting back into gear.”

Michelle Dockery, who plays Mary, picked up the narrative, saying, "She’s barely left the house in six months and she finds it very difficult to relate to, or have any sort of contact with the baby, because she says each time she looks at him, he reminds her of Matthew.”

Things won't stay so dreary, though. The family is moving into the 1920s and it's a very different world -- and the producers pointed out that Mary is beautiful, rich, and widowed, which opens the doors to plenty of possibilities.