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Neil Diamond in Vancouver

Neil Diamond in Vancouver. at ALLIANCE lockhart, we wanted to share the news that Neil Diamond will perform on Monday: July 24, 2017 at the Rogers Arena, Vancouver - BC
Growing up in Brooklyn, Neil didn’t immediately take to a career in music. He attended New York University on a fencing scholarship and his ultimate life ambition was a career in medicine, motivated by a desire to discover the cure to cancer after his Grandmother passed away from the disease.

However in his final year of university a music publisher offered him 50 dollars a week to write songs for them and the rest is history.

Some of his biggest early successes as a songwriter came from writing for The Monkees, most notably their mega-hit ‘I’m a Believer’. The success of the song helped to raise his profile and in 1966 he was able to sign his own record deal with Atlantic subsidiary ‘Bang Records’.

He soon became dissatisfied with ‘Band Records’ and signed a new deal with ‘Uni Records’ releasing a string of hits over the late 60s and 70s including ‘Sweet Caroline’, a song he wrote in an hour in a Memphis hotel.

From there his success only grew as he began to play back to back sold out concerts at huge venues. One of these performances was recorded and released as ‘Hot August Night’, a double album which many consider his finest work.

From then on he continued to release Platinum albums and has never really experienced a slump in his popularity. Pretty good for someone who had planned on going into medicine.